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Call Now On 0208 154 7126 is proud to present Baros Maldives. Baros Maldives, a tropical haven nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, offers a dreamlike escape for discerning travelers seeking ultimate luxury and natural beauty. This breathtaking private island resort is renowned for it’s unparalleled hospitality, pristine beaches, and a myriad of unforgettable experiences that create cherished memories. Let’s delve into what makes Baros Maldives a top-notch destination for an idyllic vacation.


A Tropical Paradise

Located on a secluded island in the Maldives, Baros is surrounded by azure waters, vibrant coral reefs, and lush greenery. This unspoiled natural setting sets the stage for a rejuvenating and immersive retreat.


Luxurious Accommodations

Baros Maldives boasts a collection of elegant and spacious villas that epitomize luxury and comfort. Guests can choose from overwater villas offering direct access to the turquoise lagoon or beachfront villas nestled along the pristine shoreline. Each villa features modern amenities, private pools, and stunning panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, creating a haven of tranquility.


World-Class Dining

The resort offers an exceptional dining experience with a range of delectable cuisines to satisfy every palate. Enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach under the starlit sky or indulge in gourmet dishes at the overwater restaurants, where fresh seafood and international delicacies are expertly prepared by talented chefs.


Unrivaled Marine Life

One of the highlights of Baros Maldives is it’s thriving marine life. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts can explore the vibrant house reef just a short swim from their villas, encountering a mesmerizing array of colorful fish, turtles, and barracudas. For avid divers, the resort provides access to numerous world-class dive sites nearby, presenting a unique opportunity to witness the underwater wonders of the Maldives.


Tailored Experiences

The resort’s Guest Experiences Team ensures that every guest’s stay is personalized and unforgettable. Whether it’s a romantic sunset cruise, a rejuvenating spa treatment, or a private island picnic, Baros aims to create cherished moments for each visitor.


Eco-Conscious Initiatives

Baros Maldives takes pride in it’s commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the island. The resort actively participates in eco-conscious initiatives and sustainable practices to protect the marine ecosystem and minimize its environmental footprint.


Romantic Escapes and Honeymoon Delights

Baros Maldives has earned a reputation as one of the most romantic destinations globally, making it an ideal choice for honeymooners and couples seeking an intimate getaway. The exclusive Piano Deck, with a private chef and waiter, offers an enchanting setting for romantic celebrations, ensuring memories that last a lifetime.


Baros Maldives is a captivating sanctuary where luxury and nature converge, providing an idyllic escape for travelers seeking an unparalleled tropical paradise. From the pristine beaches and world-class dining to the awe-inspiring marine life and bespoke experiences, Baros promises an unforgettable journey of indulgence and relaxation. Book your stay at Baros Maldives today and embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in this paradise on earth.



Immerse yourself in a world of serenity where the turquoise waters of your plunge pool seamlessly blend with the mesmerizing blues of the lagoon at Baros. Step onto your sun-soaked veranda, where a daybed beckons you to relax, and a stairway leads you to the crystal-clear waters of the house reef, inviting you to embark on an exploration of underwater wonders.


Your own personal retreat perched above the lagoon, these water villas at Baros Maldives are warm timber cocoons of tranquillity. Our lagoon lies just beyond your canopied daybed, waiting for you to jump in and explore, while a wide timber deck lets you drink in endless ocean views. In the evenings, relax amid spectacular sunsets, and watch as the sky transforms into a light show of constellations. Inside, enjoy a private world of elegantly cosy furnishings and plush amenities, with thoughtful touches of indulgence everywhere you look.

Baros Pool Villas

Step into a world of tranquil bliss at Baros Pool Villas, where a secluded private beach garden and a shaded pool nestled beneath tropical trees offer a haven of peaceful repose just steps away from the lagoon. On your spacious deck, you’ll find a canopied daybed and sun loungers inviting you to spend your days basking in the mesmerizing ocean views.


Nestled in a natural jungle with leaves gently rustling overhead, Baros stands proudly as one of the finest resorts in the Maldives. The ambiance is truly enchanting, with the soothing sounds of the sea and playful splashing waves creating a symphony of tranquility. At Baros, you’ll discover some of the most exquisite beach villas in the Maldives, offering you the ultimate beachfront experience.


Welcome to our exclusive Baros Suites, meticulously crafted to offer you a sanctuary of seclusion, where paramount emphasis is placed on preserving absolute privacy and serenity through timeless design. Our goal is to grant our esteemed guests the liberty of ample space to revel in, while basking in the gentle allure of tropical tranquillity, providing them with a unique opportunity to unwind in blissful solitude. Nestled on the eastern shore of the island, these suites are conveniently close to all amenities, yet thoughtfully tucked away to ensure an undisturbed and truly private experience.


Step into the enchanting realm of the one-of-a-kind Baros Residence, where a clandestine world awaits your discovery. Fronting your private haven is an expanse of Baros beach, exclusively yours to relish, complemented by a spacious timber deck that ensures absolute seclusion for your moments of relaxation. The canopy of majestic trees gracefully extends over your patio, offering a soothing shade for a tranquil retreat.

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As you step onto the deck, you are immediately greeted by a captivating kaleidoscope of colors. The meeting point of sea and sky forms a horizon of mesmerizing beauty. Find tranquility in the shade of The Lighthouse’s iconic canvas roof while treating yourself to the most exquisite sunset views on the island, all served in the distinctive Baros style.



Stroll along a sandy path that leads to Sails Bar, a serene and cozy spot for drinks and snacks. Embrace the tranquility as you sway in a hammock, gazing at the sparkling lagoon through the trees. Alternatively, sink into a comfortable lounger while soft music blends harmoniously with the starry night sky.

Overhead, the palm fronds rustle gently in the evening breeze, creating a soothing ambiance. Each step on the million grains of sand feels soft under your feet.


At times, it’s liberating to let go of all concerns and simply follow your instincts. Indulge in whatever your heart desires by ordering your favorite dishes right to your villa’s doorstep. Relish your meal in the seclusion of your villa – whether in the comfort of your bed, on the deck, or in the lounge, all while surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature.

Piano Deck Dining

As the Baros breeze gently billows white sheets, the sunlight dances upon the vast expanse of blue sea. Positioned on the lagoon, surrounded by water, a charming wooden deck awaits. Welcome to the Piano Deck, a specially crafted platform designed to offer you a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Begin your day early, marveling at the Baros sunrise while savoring a Champagne breakfast on the Piano Deck.


As the radiant Baros sky welcomes another day, Lime Restaurant beckons with a sumptuous buffet breakfast to start your morning in pure indulgence. Treat yourself to chilled Champagne, delectable seafood, flavorful Maldivian curries, Asian delights, or classic cooked breakfasts, catering to your heart’s desires for a decadent or wholesome start. Take your seat indoors, enjoying Lime’s cool and inviting ambiance, or venture outside to the deck, where the lagoon’s captivating views await.

Cayenne Grill

Indulge in an exceptional culinary experience at our grill, where we take pride in crafting exquisite meat, fish, poultry, and vegetable dishes, complemented by an impressive array of wines and cocktails. Savor the unparalleled tenderness and delicate, buttery flavor of the beloved Japanese Wagyu tenderloin, perfectly paired with a full-bodied, fruity Zinfandel for a sophisticated taste sensation.


Secure your table beneath the shimmering stars, perched gracefully over the water, and prepare for an unforgettable dining experience with views stretching to the twinkling horizon. Delight in the freshest and most succulent local seafood, tender steaks, and modern classics infused with exotic flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. For the ultimate fine dining experience, our resident sommelier stands ready to suggest the perfect wines to complement your meal flawlessly.


Experience the epitome of romance at one of the finest Maldives resorts tailor-made for couples in love. Our specially designed Piano Deck stands as the most exclusive haven for honeymooners. Poised gracefully over the lagoon, this enchanting setting comes complete with a private chef and waiter, creating an unparalleled ambiance for a once-in-a-lifetime romantic encounter.At the forefront of the Maldives’ most romantic resorts, we take great pride in crafting unforgettable dining experiences that have become an integral part of the legendary Baros experience.


At Baros, we value your culinary experience, and that’s why our talented chefs have curated various meal plan options, allowing you to choose the perfect one that suits your preferences. Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll have the opportunity to explore meal plan upgrade options, and our dedicated team will reach out to provide you with further information. If you wish to discover more about these meal plans, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to ensure your dining experiences at Baros are truly exceptional.



As the boat glides through the sea, salt spray dances across the hull, and the mesmerizing Baros blue water surrounds you. Today marks another day of thrilling exploration, both above and below the sea’s surface.


Baros stands out for its unique offerings, presenting a world of beauty right at your doorstep, with the captivating house reef shimmering just offshore. You have the freedom to paddle out and snorkel around this magnificent coral wonderland or embark on a boat to discover the rich culture of Malé, the vibrant capital island. Alternatively, indulge in the breathtaking spectacle of yet another stunning Baros sunset, while aboard your private dhoni.


Our dedicated Guest Experiences Team is here to craft your perfect island adventure, whether you choose to join a group excursion or seek a private and tailored experience. 


Embark on an alluring sailing adventure that beckons you to traverse the seas, revealing the mysteries that lie beyond our atoll. With champagne fizzing in your glass, you raise a toast to yet another unforgettable moment at Baros. The allure of this legendary isle offers a million experiences, waiting to be explored both on land and around the enchanting waters.

As your vessel glides through the turquoise expanse, you’ll discover the wonders that unfold beyond the confines of the atoll. The excitement of the unknown and the promise of new encounters fill the air, making every moment aboard the sailing expedition an exhilarating one.


Back on the island, a world of possibilities awaits, with a plethora of activities and experiences to delight in.


From romantic sandbank dinners under the stars to gourmet beachfront feasts, each moment becomes a cherished memory in this idyllic tropical haven. Indulge in lagoon dining or relish personalized meals in your villa. With breathtaking backdrops and gourmet delights, every dining experience at Baros Maldives is an unforgettable celebration of life’s special moments.


Whether it’s a romantic honeymoon, a cherished anniversary, or a gathering with loved ones, these extraordinary dining experiences promise to be the highlight of your stay, creating timeless memories of indulgence in this captivating paradise. Let your taste buds and heart be captivated as you embark on an unforgettable journey of flavors and romance at Baros Maldives.


Although you can certainly bask in the blissful luxury of idleness on Baros, our team is dedicated to ensuring you make the most out of your time on our enchanting island. Beyond leisurely days, a plethora of curated experiences awaits, crafted to add a touch of magic and adventure to your stay.


Whether you seek thrilling water sports, captivating excursions, or immersive cultural encounters, our team stands ready to arrange every detail. Discover the wonders of the ocean with snorkeling adventures, embark on scenic cruises, or partake in guided explorations of the Maldivian way of life.


Should you wish to indulge in ultimate relaxation, our spa offers a haven of rejuvenation, where skilled therapists pamper you with exquisite treatments to uplift your senses and nourish your soul.


At Baros, a captivating world of marine wonders awaits just a short swim from your villa. Graceful barracuda glide through the tropical currents, while turtles lazily ascend from the deep. The allure of incredible marine life beckons, with the house reef teeming with vibrant fish and enchanting turtles, all just 20 meters from the shore.


Step into the lagoon and immerse yourself in a bewitching world of colors and beauty. The house reef offers a breathtaking display of marine life, inviting you to snorkel and discover the underwater marvels that lie beneath the surface.


For diving enthusiasts, a treasure trove of world-class dive sites awaits, all less than an hour away from Baros. These sites offer an unparalleled bounty of marine wonders, a true paradise for divers and an exceptional rarity so close to Malé.

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