Cookie Policy  use cookies and other similar technologies in the operation of this website.

We use cookies and similar technologies to run our websites and our app. These technologies store or access information on your device. Some cookies are essential, while others allow us to enhance your experience, personalise content and adverts across your devices, and provide insights into how the website is being used.

We use a combination of session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies exist only for the length of time you visit our site and are deleted once you close your browser, whereas persistent cookies remain stored on your browser ready for the next time you visit our website.

This policy explains what technologies we use.

Essential cookies

We need to use these technologies to make our websites and apps work and to run our business. They let you move from one page to another, use our services, and help us secure and optimise our services. These technologies also let you set and store your preferences on our websites and apps. We also use them to detect bugs and make our websites and apps work better.

If you block these technologies in your device or browser settings, our services might not work for you.


We use these technologies to see how you use our websites and apps. This tells us how to give you a better experience (for example, by telling us if one of our features is not working well for you).


We and our advertising suppliers use these technologies to personalise the advertising you see. They work by seeing how you use our services and other websites. They use that information to predict what might interest you. You might see personalised advertising on our services, on other websites or in marketing emails. The first party and third- party marketing cookies work together and, as they are intrinsically linked, both need to be turned on or off at the same time.


Sometimes we advertise on social media. We use these technologies so that social media platforms can recognise you as one of our users and display advertising to you on our behalf.

Social media platforms also use these technologies on our websites and apps when you use your social media account to log in to our services. Sometimes they gather information about your behaviour to display personalised advertising to you.

Third Party Cookies

Our business partners may store cookies on your device and use similar technologies to collect and use certain information for advertising personalisation, measurement, and analytics. Cookies are either first party cookies (where they are placed on your device by our website domain) or third-party cookies (where they are placed on your device by third party website domains).

What can you do about cookies?

If you would like to learn more about cookies and how to manage them and delete them,

you can visit the help section of your browser. You can use your browser settings to accept, reject and delete cookies. You can also set up your browser to notify you each time a cookie is placed on your device.

If you choose not to accept certain technical or functional cookies, you may not be able to book using our website or use all its features.

We continually change how we use these technologies. We will keep you up to date on what we are doing by updating this page, so make sure you check back often.

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