Javvu Spa at Amilla Maldives Launches Exclusive Spring Wellness Series for Holistic Mind, Body, and Spirit Rejuvenation

Shaking off the winter’s gloom in London, a tropical paradise awaits in the Indian Ocean, offering the perfect rejuvenation tonic. Discover this idyllic escape at as The Maldives delivers a place where revitalisation for mind, body, and spirit is just a journey away.




The Amilla Maldives, a prestigious member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World’s Considerate Collection, is excited to introduce a unique wellness initiative this spring. The resort has invited three renowned specialists to lead a series of comprehensive wellness residencies, aimed at those passionate about holistic health and wellbeing.


From now until the close of April 2024, the trio of Master Sifu Aniket, Elle Lenka Fernandes, and Jang Kanlayanee will conduct a range of wellness activities. These include workshops, classes, and individual therapy sessions that draw upon their respective areas of expertise, offering tailored experiences in energy healing, yoga, martial arts, biohacking, and time-honored therapeutic practices.


Each residency will take place at the serene Javvu Spa within Amilla, providing an ideal backdrop for participants to explore enhanced mindfulness, deep relaxation, and a sense of profound tranquility.


Master Sifu Aniket’s tenure, spanning from 29 February to 24 April 2024, will blend Himalayan traditions with his vast experience in yoga, crystal-reiki, sound healing, hypnotherapy, and martial arts. Aniket will host individual sessions alongside three or five-day retreats focusing on healing, yoga, and fitness. Prices start at USD550 (about GBP433) per person for a Relaxing and Healing Retreat, USD450 (around GBP355) for a Yoga Retreat, and USD600 (approximately GBP473) for a Fitness and Martial Art Retreat, offering a blend of sound therapy, meditation, martial arts, and more.


Elle Lenka Fernandes will be available throughout March 2024, leveraging her expertise in health and wellness, along with her academic background, to offer treatments that combine biohacking with holistic methods for comprehensive health improvements. Her offerings include lymphatic drainage massages, vagus nerve therapy, and intuitive body scans, among others, with prices starting at USD210 (roughly GBP166) per person.


In April 2024, Jang Kanlayanee will share her two decades of spa and wellness expertise through a series of treatments and workshops designed to align the body and mind, enhance relaxation, and foster emotional wellbeing. Her services include emotional release massages, chakra healing, and bodywork alignment, with session prices beginning at USD220 (about GBP173) per person.


This spring series at Amilla Maldives promises an enriching journey towards wellbeing, inviting guests to indulge in personalised wellness experiences set against the backdrop of the resort’s tranquil spa setting.


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