Kandima Maldives To Mark World Art Day 2024 with Vibrant Celebration Showcasing Local and International Talent”

Kandima Maldives to Honour World Art Day 2024, Fostering Local and International Artistic Talent. The active lifestyle resort is celebrated for its vibrant hospitality and extensive amenities, making it the perfect setting for artists and guests to come together on this global celebration.




Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives – Kandima Maldives, a destination renowned for its dynamic lifestyle resort offerings, is thrilled to announce its plans to celebrate World Art Day 2024. Emphasising the resort’s commitment to fostering both local and global artistic talent, Kandima Maldives is set to provide a platform that nurtures creativity and innovation.


Why Kandima Maldives Stands Out for Maldives Holidays

Kandima Maldives, stretching over 3 kilometres of pristine island paradise, is the epitome of Maldives holidays, Maldives all-inclusive packages, and Maldives honeymoon escapes. The resort is celebrated for offering a unique blend of authentic Maldivian hospitality, modern and spacious villas, and unmatched on-island amenities. Perfect for families, couples, friends, solo travellers, and honeymooners, Kandima Maldives ensures an extraordinary Maldives experience with its overwater and beach villas and a plethora of recreational facilities.


The Heart of Kandima’s Artistic Offerings: KULA Art Studio

At the core of Kandima’s cultural ethos is the KULA Art Studio, nestled beside a tranquil lake, fostering artistic exchange and innovation. This peaceful sanctuary regularly hosts exhibitions and performances, encouraging guests and artists to explore and express their creativity. The KULA Art Initiative further demonstrates Kandima’s dedication to the arts by contributing $1 from each room night towards local community projects, supporting education and the arts.


Annual KULA Art Festival: A Celebration of Artistic Excellence

The highlight of Kandima’s art-centric initiatives is the annual KULA Art Festival, showcasing the remarkable talents of Maldivian artists and international innovators. The festival features an array of activities, including the vibrant KULA Colour Run, celebrating artistic creativity in a festive atmosphere.


Haazima Husnee, Kandima’s resident artist, expressed her excitement about the initiative: “The KULA initiative has been an incredible source of inspiration. Collaborating with local and international talents has allowed me to refine my creative skills, while also uplifting Maldivian artists to discover their potential and grow continuously.”


World Art Day 2024: Kandima Amplifies Its Artistic Mission

In honour of World Art Day, Kandima is set to enhance its KULA Art Initiative, showcasing mesmerising murals by renowned artists such as Angelo Milano and Momo, as well as upcoming talents from around the globe. These collaborations, part of the KULA goes Global movement, underscore Kandima’s role in promoting art on an international scale and fostering a global community of artists.



About Kandima Maldives

Kandima Maldives is more than just a holiday. It’s a lifestyle. As one of the best hotels in the Maldives, Kandima Maldives combines luxury, style, and hospitality to create unforgettable experiences for guests from around the world. Whether it’s through its art initiatives, diverse dining options, or stunning accommodations, Kandima Maldives remains a top choice for those seeking the ultimate Maldives package.


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