Launch of Addu Coastal Tourism Development Plan Marks a New Era for Maldives Tourism

Minister of Tourism Ibrahim Faisal launched the Addu Coastal Tourism Development Plan on Thursday, aiming to add 6,000 tourist beds and a seaplane hub, aligning with President Mohamed Muizzu’s Week 14 roadmap.




The Ministry of Tourism of The Maldives is thrilled to announce the official launch of the Addu Coastal Tourism Development Plan by the Honourable Minister of Tourism, Ibrahim Faisal. This groundbreaking project, integral to President Mohamed Muizzu’s Week 14 roadmap, is poised to dramatically transform the tourism landscape and economic prospects of Addu, enhancing the broader Maldives tourism offering.


Crafted by CDC Consulting, this strategic blueprint aims to bolster Addu’s allure as a prime destination within the southern Maldives by developing 6,000 new tourist beds and inaugurating a seaplane hub. These efforts are in direct alignment with the President’s vision for the Maldives, including the creation of 10,000 jobs and the reactivation of the esteemed Shangri-La Resort.


The plan further proposes the creation of a cultural village, wellness zones, marine protected areas, and a pioneering hospitality school, all aimed at enriching the cultural and natural experiences for visitors to Addu. These initiatives underscore The Maldives’ commitment to showcasing its rich heritage and pristine environments to the world.


The Ministry of Tourism views the Addu Coastal Tourism Development Plan as a pivotal advancement in The Maldives‘ tourism sector. It signifies a commitment to fostering sustainable development and inclusive economic growth, promising a bright and thriving future for both Addu and the wider Maldivian community, and setting a precedent for innovative tourism development across the region.


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