Maldives Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer Addresses Misstatements in President Muizzu’s Remarks Regarding Local Council Staff Salary Increase

Ex-Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer has spotlighted potential errors in President Mohamed Muizzu’s claim that only parliament holds the power to raise salaries and allowances for local council administrative staff.




In a recent development within The Maldives, former Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer has addressed inaccuracies in statements made by President Mohamed Muizzu concerning the pay rise for local council staff. During a session of President Muizzu’s ‘Raeesge Javaabu’ series, aimed at engaging with citizens, a question was raised about the salary adjustments for administrative staff within local councils of The Maldives, to which President Muizzu attributed the authority solely to the parliament.


Countering the President’s statement, Ibrahim Ameer highlighted that, in fact, it is the National Pay Commission that is tasked with determining the salaries for local council administrative staff across The Maldives, contradicting the assertion of parliamentary exclusivity. “Administrative personnel at local councils are classified as civil servants, and their remuneration is established by the National Pay Commission, following a specific pay matrix and framework,” Ameer clarified.


Further elaborating on the matter, President Muizzu mentioned the Decentralisation Act, indicating the structural classification of local councils within the state as a significant hurdle for salary enhancement. He insisted that addressing this challenge necessitates a unified effort within the parliamentary framework of The Maldives.


However, Ameer argued that this stance misinterprets the objectives of the Decentralisation Act of 2010, which sought to decentralize power and fortify local councils despite obstacles. The administration under President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had prioritized the decentralization and empowerment of local councils, aiming to reinforce their autonomy within The Maldives.


Amidst this discourse, President Muizzu has reiterated his commitment to augmenting the salaries of civil servants throughout The Maldives, noting that any proposed adjustments will be made in consideration of the country’s fiscal situation.


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