Maldives President Muizzu Advocates for Maldives’ Self-Sufficiency Amid Military Enhancements

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu emphasizes that the Maldives harbors no ill will towards any countries, clarifying that his government’s actions are solely aimed at enabling the Maldives to achieve self-sufficiency and empowerment.




In a statement made during a special ceremony at N. Maafaru Airport on Friday night, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu emphasised that the Maldives does not harbour enmity towards any nation. The event marked the inauguration of the Maldives National Defence Force’s (MNDF) Air Corp service and the introduction of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) services. President Muizzu asserted that the Maldives’ initiative to bolster its military capabilities should not alarm any parties, as these efforts are solely focused on the nation’s self-reliance and empowerment.


“No party should be concerned over the fact that Maldives is strengthening its military capabilities,” President Muizzu stated, adding that “We will maintain close relations with all nations. We are not enemies with any. What is important for us is to pave the way for this proud nation to stand up on its own and remain independent on its own strength.”


The president outlined his vision for the Maldives to become a self-sustaining nation economically and militarily, underlining the belief that regional peace is contingent upon such self-sufficiency. He emphasized the importance of independence for all nations within the region to ensure peace and stability.


Moreover, President Muizzu highlighted the significance of empowering Maldivians to elevate their nation independently. He announced that the MNDF’s Air Corp service, inaugurated at the ceremony, will see further enhancements, including the acquisition of additional drones. He also mentioned plans to resume hydrography works within the Maldives’ maritime area under MNDF oversight and to double the capacity of the MNDF Coastguard by the end of his term.


This initiative marks a significant step towards reinforcing the Maldives’ defence capabilities while fostering peaceful and cooperative relations with nations worldwide.


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