Maldives Tourism Surges: 12% Increase in Tourist Arrivals Compared to 2023

The Ministry of Tourism reports a 12% rise in tourist arrivals to Maldives in the first 3 weeks compared to the same period last year, with 174,000 visitors recorded. This influx averages 6,200 daily arrivals, reflecting the nation’s enduring appeal as a premier tourist destination.




The Maldives – The Ministry of Tourism of The Maldives has reported a significant surge in tourist arrivals, marking a 12% increase compared to the same period last year. According to recent data released by the ministry, a total of 174,000 tourists have visited the country thus far in the year, averaging around 6,200 arrivals daily.


This uptick in arrivals is a promising indicator for the Maldives’ tourism sector, with around 155,000 visitors recorded during the corresponding period in the previous year, reflecting an approximate increase of 20,000 arrivals.


Minister of Tourism, Ibrahim Faisal, expressed optimism during the inauguration of the Special Plan aimed at developing the skills of Maldivian youth in the global coding market. He outlined the ministry’s target of attracting 2 million tourists in collaboration with MMPRC (Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation), with a potential to surpass 2.3 million arrivals in 2024 if sustained growth in Chinese and Indian markets continues.


Faisal underscored the government’s commitment to empowering youth, emphasising the importance of technology-driven businesses and career opportunities in the tourism sector. He highlighted plans to launch a world-class application to promote Maldives tourism, leveraging online marketing efforts to drive industry growth.


Despite shifts in tourist arrival rankings, Russia maintained its lead with 18,500 visitors, followed by Italy with 18,100 arrivals, representing a notable increase from the previous year. Chinese tourists surged to become the third-largest source market with 16,000 arrivals, signaling a promising trend for the Maldives‘ tourism landscape.


With an ambitious target of attracting 2 million tourists in 2024, the Maldives remains focused on sustaining robust growth, aiming to welcome approximately 166,000 tourists per month to achieve its tourism goals.


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