Saudi’s Upcoming Ritz-Carlton Reserve to Become the Priciest Hotel in the Middle East

The new Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Saudi Arabia, opening bookings on May 26, sets the bar with nightly rates at $3,431. This ultra-exclusive resort boasts a limited number of keys and emerges as the priciest accommodation in the Middle East.




Continuing our exciting journey through the Middle East’s burgeoning luxury hospitality scene, the ‘Nujuma’ Ritz-Carlton Reserve stands out, eclipsing Dubai’s luxury offerings to become the most expensive hotel in the region. With 63 villas set above water reminiscent of Maldivian resorts, Nujuma introduces a new pinnacle of opulence. Operated by Marriott, this property not only marks the smallest but the most luxurious brand in their portfolio, setting a new standard for exclusivity and lavishness.


Nujuma’s allure is enriched by a comprehensive array of amenities, including a spa, multiple dining venues, retail spaces, and leisure facilities emphasizing sustainability and conservation. The highlight, a diving center, promises unparalleled underwater adventures around the breathtaking coral reefs.



This gem is nestled within Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Red Sea project, destined to host 50 hotels by 2030 with a focus on luxury and operated by renowned international brands. The project aims to transform Saudi tourism, showcasing the kingdom’s commitment to creating a luxury destination rivaling Dubai and the Maldives. With a staggering investment, The Red Sea development is set to continuously break records for hotel rates, further solidifying its position as a luxury tourism hotspot.


As we look to the future, the question arises: Will any hotel surpass Nujuma’s luxury? With several high-end properties in development, including brands like Four Seasons and the exclusive Shebara on Sheybarah Island, the competition is fierce. Yet, Nujuma, as Marriott’s flagship luxury brand, holds a unique place in the market, especially with its distinctive overwater and beach villas designed by the acclaimed Killa firm.


Beyond The Red Sea, Saudi Arabia‘s luxury tourism landscape is expanding, with projects like Diriyah Gate, AlUla, and Neom introducing world-class resorts and retreats, including Aman and Chedi brands, and a Four Seasons at Sindalah. This burgeoning kingdom is poised to redefine luxury hospitality on a global scale, offering unparalleled experiences for discerning travelers.


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