Siyam World Maldives Launches Pioneering Coral Restoration Project to Revitalize Endangered Reefs

Participating in coral planting in the Maldives proves to be both enjoyable and rewarding, offering a chance to contribute positively to planet Earth.




“Siyam World’s marine biologist, Mariyam Thuhufa, shares her optimism as we affix rejuvenated coral fragments to a metal frame, engaging in a coral restoration initiative at the resort. Siyam World, renowned for its extensive marine activities in the Maldives, hosts this coral planting experience, aligning with the rising demand for conservation-focused tourism. According to Mariyam, coral reefs play a crucial role in maintaining the health of our oceans. These vibrant underwater communities provide shelter, sustenance, and breeding grounds for marine life, while also supporting fisheries, boosting tourism, safeguarding coastlines, and contributing to the fight against climate change.”



But, she goes on to say, they are in danger. Overfishing and warming oceans are putting reefs across the world at risk, which is why I am on the shoreline of Siyam World’s exclusive island, helping out with the restoration project.


Shortly before I arrived, Mariyam had dived down to the reef to collect damaged coral, which I am now rehabilitating by scrubbing and attaching it to a metal structure with cable ties. It’s a therapeutic process, and with the help of Mariyam, who shares information about the different kinds of coral as I work away, I soon discover that each variety has its own unique characteristics.


After ensuring each coral fragment is firmly attached, Mariyam dons her fins again and transports the structure to the jetty’s edge, where she dives down to the reef’s floor to precisely position it.


Emerging with a radiant smile, she shares an uplifting observation: “A clownfish began to explore the coral immediately after I placed it.” It’s anticipated that the frame will be fully engulfed by thriving coral colonies within three years.


Siyam World offers an array of activities suitable for every age group. However, for clients seeking a unique experience, participating in this coral planting initiative should undoubtedly be a priority.


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