The Maldives Sets Sights on Hosting ITB Berlin 2026, Eyeing Major Tourism Opportunity

Tourism Minister Ibrahim Faisal declared the Maldives’ bid to host ITB Berlin in 2026, aiming to elevate its worldwide tourism presence. The event traditionally takes place in Germany but allows other countries the chance to host, providing a platform to highlight their distinct tourism attractions.




Tourism Minister Ibrahim Faisal recently unveiled the Maldives’ ambitious plan to host the 2026 Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin (ITB Berlin), with the goal of enhancing its position on the global tourism map. ITB Berlin stands as the world’s foremost tourism trade fair, annually attracting thousands of visitors, exhibitors, and industry experts to Germany. Recognized for setting international travel trends and facilitating countless business deals, ITB Berlin occasionally opens its doors for other countries to host, providing an unparalleled platform for nations like the Maldives to highlight their exceptional tourism assets and cultural heritage to a global audience.


This year, Oman took center stage at the ITB Fair, with the Maldives, represented by the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) and its tourism ministry, leaving a notable mark through the participation of 107 co-exhibitors from the Maldives holidays and tourism sector.



Following his trip to Berlin, Faisal shared his positive outlook on the Maldives’ chances to host ITB Berlin in 2026. This optimism stems from the Maldives being named the ‘World’s Leading Destination’ for the fourth year in a row at the World Travel Awards, highlighting its premier status in the global travel and Maldives holidays market.


Faisal highlighted the significant opportunity hosting the fair would offer for promoting Maldives resorts and Maldives all-inclusive packages as a prime tourism destination. He mentioned, “The entire MMPRC team, along with stakeholders, will start preparations for hosting the ITB fair in 2026. Given the financial benefits of hosting the ITB Fair, I am confident that with unified efforts, we will succeed.”


The selection for the ITB Berlin Fair host involves a detailed process, starting with countries showcasing their interest to the organizers, often through their tourism ministries. This step is followed by thorough discussions on logistical and organizational matters, where the potential host must illustrate its capability to manage significant event responsibilities, including the opening ceremony and various event activities.



The choice of host country is influenced by its tourism status and how well it presents its tourism sector, with these elements critically impacting the selection. The competitive nature of this process necessitates countries to present compelling cases to secure the hosting rights, emphasising the global recognition and promotional opportunities that come with events like ITB Berlin for destinations like the Maldives.


ITB Berlin this year was attended by hotel and resorts team who offered support for the bid to host ITB Berlin in The Maldives in 2026


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