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Mon – Fri : 9AM – 5.30PM is proud to present Ozen Reserve Bolifushi. Welcomes you to experience the epitome of luxury and tranquility at Ozen Reserve Bolifushi. Nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, amidst the pristine beauty of The Maldives, this exclusive private island resort promises an unforgettable escape into paradise.


Step into a world of unparalleled luxury and indulgence as you arrive at Ozen Reserve Bolifushi. The Maldives allure comes to life in every aspect of this exquisite retreat. From the moment you set foot on the powdery white sands to the time you dip into the crystal-clear turquoise waters, you’ll be immersed in a haven of opulence and natural beauty.


The Maldives has long been revered for it’s stunning overwater villas, and Ozen Reserve Bolifushi takes this experience to new heights. The luxurious overwater villas offer panoramic views of the sparkling ocean, where you can enjoy breathtaking sunsets right from the privacy of your own villa. With direct access to the turquoise lagoon, these villas offer a seamless blend of modern elegance and authentic Maldivian charm.


As you explore The Maldives pristine marine life, you’ll discover that Ozen Reserve Bolifushi takes your underwater adventures to a whole new level. The resort’s exceptional diving and snorkeling experiences allow you to discover the mesmerizing world beneath the waves. Swim alongside colorful coral reefs, playful dolphins, and graceful manta rays, and let the magic of The Maldives unfold before your eyes.


Beyond the captivating underwater world, Ozen Reserve Bolifushi offers a myriad of activities for every discerning traveler. Engage in thrilling water sports, embark on island excursions, or simply unwind by the infinity pool, soaking in the panoramic views. The Maldives mesmerizing landscapes set the perfect backdrop for cherished memories and unforgettable moments.


Culinary delights are at the heart of the Ozen Reserve Bolifushi experience. Savor a tantalizing array of gourmet dishes at the resort’s world-class restaurants. From delectable seafood freshly caught from The Maldives bountiful waters to international cuisines masterfully prepared by talented chefs, every meal is a journey of taste and refinement.


Indulgence reaches new heights at the Ozen Reserve Bolifushi Spa. The Maldives serene surroundings set the stage for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Immerse yourself in a world of tranquility with a bespoke spa journey, pampering your senses with ancient healing traditions and modern wellness practices.


For families, Ozen Reserve Bolifushi offers an enchanting wonderland for young explorers. The Maldives gentle waves and warm hospitality create the perfect environment for families to bond and create cherished memories. The resort’s Kids Club is a hub of excitement and learning, ensuring that the little ones have the time of their lives.


At Ozen Reserve Bolifushi, sustainability is a core value. Embrace The Maldives natural beauty responsibly, knowing that the resort is committed to preserving the delicate marine ecosystem and reducing its environmental footprint.


As the sun sets over the horizon, painting the sky with hues of pink and orange, you’ll be captivated by the magic of The Maldives at Ozen Reserve Bolifushi. This idyllic sanctuary embraces you in luxury, leaving you with memories to cherish for a lifetime. Experience the allure of The Maldives like never before and create your own paradise at Ozen Reserve Bolifushi.



Experience the captivating beauty of the sunrise from the luxurious Earth Pool Villa Sunrise at Ozen Reserve Bolifushi. Embrace the soothing ambiance and indulge in the spacious elegance of these exquisite abodes.


These stunning tropical retreats cater to all types of travelers, whether you are a small family seeking a memorable vacation, a couple in search of a romantic escape, or a group of friends looking for a paradisiacal gathering.


Welcome to the perfect Maldivian getaway, where the Earth Pool Villa Sunrise awaits to envelop you in blissful serenity and unforgettable moments.


Discover the expansive two-storey family-friendly RESERVE, a haven of tranquility and luxury. Step onto the scenic open balcony, offering an indulgent seating area to soak in the mesmerizing views. Dive into the private, lavish L-shaped lap pool, perfect for an invigorating early-morning swim before venturing to the nearby beach.


Inside, you’ll find an inviting living room, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance. Throughout the abode, enchanting seating areas are thoughtfully scattered, providing ample opportunities for creating cherished memories with your loved ones. Embrace the joy of togetherness in this idyllic retreat, designed for unforgettable family moments in The Maldives.


Experience the ultimate indulgence with breathtaking sunset vistas from the comfort of these soothing, sprawling, and exquisitely elegant abodes. The Earth Pool Villas Sunrise at Ozen Reserve Bolifushi are a true haven of serenity, where the merging hues of the setting sun cast a magical glow over the azure waters, creating an enchanting atmosphere that will leave you awe-inspired.


Designed with meticulous attention to detail, these gorgeous tropical retreats are thoughtfully crafted to cater to all kinds of travelers. Whether you are a small family seeking a tranquil escape, a couple in search of a romantic hideaway, or a group of friends craving an unforgettable adventure, these villas offer the perfect Maldivian getaway.


Nestled on a secluded wooden jetty, you’ll discover the epitome of exclusivity and luxury – the Private Ocean RESERVE with Slide. This exceptional overwater abode offers breathtaking vistas of the sparkling ocean, promising an unforgettable escape in paradise.


With only seven of these remarkable retreats available, each Private Ocean RESERVE with Slide offers a haven of indulgence and opulence. Step onto your private deck and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing panorama of the turquoise waters that stretch as far as the eye can see. The 35m2 private infinity pool invites you to bask in its refreshing waters, providing the perfect respite from the tropical sun.


Indulge in the enchanting allure of the Indian Ocean at the lavish Ocean Pool Suite, where the ethereal waters are just steps away.


Nestled along the lagoon’s fringes, this luxurious suite boasts a spacious outer deck, providing a perfect spot for serene sunbathing or tranquil stargazing under the shimmering night sky. Feel the soft caress of the sea breeze and immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of the ocean waves as you revel in the beauty of nature.


The Ocean Pool Suite at Ozen Reserve Bolifushi offers a serene escape, where you can unwind and connect with the wonders of the natural world. Whether it’s a blissful day spent soaking up the sun or a magical evening admiring the celestial spectacle, this idyllic setting promises moments of pure relaxation and rejuvenation.


Nestled on a secluded and serene beach island, this elegantly exquisite three-bedroom RESERVE presents an ideal family vacation retreat. The thoughtful design showcases opulent marble highlights, intricate handwoven wallpaper, graceful lamps, and inviting warm leatherite ceilings, creating a harmonious blend of homely comfort and grandeur.


This exclusive haven offers a haven of tranquility, where families can create cherished memories amidst the pristine beauty of the Maldives. The spacious layout and luxurious furnishings ensure ample room for everyone to unwind and enjoy their stay to the fullest.


With its refined aesthetics and attention to detail, the three-bedroom RESERVE promises a truly enchanting escape, where modern elegance meets the untouched beauty of nature. Step into a world of sophistication and relaxation, where each moment is adorned with sophistication and a sense of home-away-from-home.


Indulge in one of the most quintessential ways to experience the Maldives with these enchanting overwater villas, perched just a few scenic steps away from the crystal-clear waters of the cerulean lagoon.


Allow yourself to unwind on the expansive outdoor deck, where you can bask in the glorious vistas of the Indian Ocean before taking a refreshing dip in your own private infinity pool.


These luxurious overwater villas offer an unrivaled sense of serenity and seclusion, surrounded by the soothing sounds of gently lapping waves. As you lounge on the deck, you can witness the mesmerizing sight of baby sharks and colorful reef fish gracefully navigating through the clear waters below.


Nestled with direct access to the pristine beach and offering mesmerizing vistas of the Indian Ocean, the Earth Pool Pavilion presents a luxurious retreat with unparalleled accommodations and top-notch amenities for it’s discerning guests.


This lavish villa boasts two interconnected bedrooms, thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of it’s visitors. The master bedroom provides an opulent sanctuary, while the adjoining twin bedroom ensures a comfortable and delightful stay for families or groups of friends seeking an unforgettable holiday experience.


With its elegant design, sophisticated furnishings, and enchanting surroundings, the Earth Pool Pavilion promises to be the perfect haven where luxury and relaxation seamlessly merge. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Maldives and create lasting memories with your loved ones, as you enjoy the serene beachfront location and the awe-inspiring sights of the Indian Ocean from the comfort of your private oasis.

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Embark on a truly captivating and multisensory journey at ORIGINE, where a culinary experience of unparalleled sophistication awaits. Delight in the artistry of gastronomy as our talented chefs craft dishes using the freshest ingredients, resulting in elegant and aromatic creations designed to tantalize your senses.


At ORIGINE, gourmands will be treated to a symphony of flavors, where each bite is a revelation of taste and texture, taking you on a captivating culinary adventure like no other. But that’s not all! To complement the exquisite dishes, our resident sommelier will curate the finest wine pairings from an exclusive collection of international wines and sparkling selections, elevating your dining experience to new heights.


Experience the allure of exotic Arabic vibes at Sangu Beach! Immerse yourself in a dining experience like no other as you relish the flavors of Modern Levant & Moroccan Cuisine under the twinkling stars, with soft sand beneath your feet. This enchanting restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor spaces, boasting show kitchens and elegant decor that seamlessly blend with the mesmerizing island surroundings, creating an ambiance of pure magic.


From the moment you step into Sangu Beach, you’ll be transported to a world of culinary wonders. Delight in the artful preparation of dishes inspired by the rich and diverse flavors of the Levant and Morocco, carefully curated to tantalize your taste buds and ignite your senses.


Step into a world of enriching gastronomic delights at Saffron, where the star ingredient is the elusive and revered saffron. Known for it’s visual appeal, subtle taste, and association with royalty, saffron takes center stage in this cultural restaurant, paying homage to it’s significance in the Indian subcontinent.


Delve into the rich heritage of saffron through thoughtfully recreated recipes from India. Our culinary artisans have meticulously curated an elaborate three-course pre-plated dinner, showcasing historical dishes infused with the essence of saffron. Each bite is a celebration of Indian legacy, as you savor the exquisite flavors that have delighted the palates of royals and connoisseurs for centuries.


Experience a sophisticated and soulful dining affair immersed in the refreshing ‘By the Ocean’ ethos at Vista del Mar, our exquisite all-day dining restaurant. With a subtle Spanish touch, the menu at Vista del Mar showcases a delightful array of world cuisine, thoughtfully curated to satisfy the discerning tastes of our well-traveled and affluent guests.


Indulge in a culinary journey that spans the globe, from fresh and delicate sushi and sashimi to comforting pizzas and pasta. Delight in the rich flavors of fragrant nasi goreng, savor the steaming goodness of noodle bowls, and relish the irresistible allure of mouth-watering dim sums. Our tailored menu caters to diverse palates, ensuring a feast that leaves no craving unfulfilled.


A particular highlight is the steam section, an exciting addition that enhances the dining experience. Revel in the art of steaming, as our chefs masterfully prepare a selection of delectable dishes infused with delicate flavors and wholesome goodness.


Nestled in the shade of swaying palm trees, adjacent to the main pool area, lies a cosy and inviting bar that beckons you to unwind and indulge in the tropical island ambience. Here, on Bolifushi island, this spot is celebrated as one of the most inviting spaces, where guests can rejuvenate on sun loungers while sipping refreshing drinks and immersing themselves in the serene surroundings.


From morning till night, the bar buzzes with excitement and activity, offering an array of delightful experiences. Afternoons are the perfect time to savor special RESERVE drinks, relish an elegant high tea service, explore the art of molecular mixology, and sample exotic cocktails that transport you to far-flung destinations. For those seeking a premium coffee fix, the barista serves up expertly crafted beverages, while freshly squeezed juices invigorate the senses.


Indulge in a world of bespoke delights, where each moment is carefully crafted to perfection, creating unforgettable memories that resonate with your heart. With your personal butler at your service, a realm of tailored treats and experiences unfolds before you, transforming your stay into a journey of passion and personalized luxury.


Picture yourself on a secluded sandbank, surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, as you savor a sumptuous picnic, lovingly prepared to suit your tastes and preferences. Feel the warmth of the first rays of the sun caressing your skin as you wake up to a magical sunrise breakfast, served in the most enchanting setting imaginable.


For moments of intimacy and romance, your villa’s private beach becomes the stage for a dining experience like no other. With the soft glow of candlelight illuminating the sand, you and your loved one are treated to a culinary masterpiece, expertly curated to tantalize your senses and kindle the flames of passion.



Immerse yourself in the lush embrace of Bolifushi island, where nature’s tender touch and the soothing ocean breeze create the perfect sanctuary to embark on a transformative wellness journey. Here, the healing powers of the natural world converge with expert guidance, presenting you with an array of Naturopathic Wellness Journeys to select and customize according to your unique needs.


With a team of seasoned practitioners and therapists, each well-versed in the art of holistic healing, you can embark on a personalized path of rejuvenation and renewal. Tailored to address your specific goals and aspirations, your chosen wellness journey becomes a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern practices, expertly curated to nurture your mind, body, and soul.


Create magical moments with your loved ones as you immerse yourself in the mesmerizing experience of Cinema Under The Stars. Let the twinkling night sky be the backdrop for an enchanting movie screening that will leave you and your companions spellbound.


This unique and intimate setup unfolds on a tranquil, private beach, where soft sands meet swaying palm trees and the moonlit lagoon. As the stars above shine their brightest, a lit-up screen comes to life, setting the stage for an unforgettable date with tinsel town’s finest.


Embrace the ambiance of romance and wonder as you snuggle up under the open sky, the gentle sea breeze carrying the whispers of cinematic magic. With the soothing sound of lapping waves and the company of your loved ones, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in the captivating world of cinema.


Embark on a mesmerizing underwater adventure around Bolifushi Island, immersing yourself in the beauty of its stunning reefs without even getting wet! Uniquely seated just one metre underwater, you’ll get to experience the world from a diver’s perspective, all while staying comfortably dry.


The innovative design of our vessel ensures that the upper body remains above the sea surface, providing you with unobstructed views of the surrounding paradise. Meanwhile, the bottom section gracefully descends to 1.3 meters below the water’s surface, allowing you to peer into the depths below.


Through the large windows of the underwater hull, you’ll be treated to breathtaking vistas of the vibrant underwater ecosystem. The colorful marine life, swaying corals, and fascinating creatures come to life before your eyes, creating an illusion of an authentic submarine dive.


Bolifushi Island, a haven for diving enthusiasts, beckons with its two captivating house reefs, providing an unparalleled underwater paradise for dawn and dusk dives and snorkeling adventures. The local reefs boast a kaleidoscope of colors, featuring fringing drop-offs that promise an awe-inspiring experience, with several exceptional night dives available nearby.


For those eager to explore the depths of the Indian Ocean, the PADI certified Best Dives center at Bolifushi Island awaits, offering access to some of the world’s most exceptional coral reefs, along with comprehensive diving certifications. Immerse yourself in the warm embrace of the ocean as you embark on a journey to encounter exotic sea creatures, each more enchanting than the last. Marvel at the intricate beauty of coral formations as they come to life, teeming with vibrant butterflyfish playfully nibbling on the coral. Catch a glimpse of the graceful spotted eagle rays gliding through the water, and be captivated by the vivid hues of the parrotfish, creating a living masterpiece before your eyes.


Welcome to Bolifushi Island, where a world of boundless exploration awaits both above and beneath the shimmering surface of our crystal-clear waters. Your days here can be filled with thrilling adventures or blissfully relaxed, catering to your every desire. With its abundant house reef teaming with marine life, Bolifushi Island serves as the perfect gateway for captivating underwater explorations.


Prepare to be enchanted by the exceptional snorkeling opportunities just steps away from the beach. Dive into the turquoise waters and discover a mesmerizing world of marine wonders. Swim alongside gentle nurse sharks, graceful stingrays, and majestic sea turtles as they glide through their natural habitat. Immerse yourself in a vibrant symphony of colors as shoals of colorful fish dance playfully around you, creating a living masterpiece of underwater beauty.


Embrace an active and fulfilling holiday experience at Bolifushi, where a plethora of activities awaits to elevate your uber-luxe stay. Discover an array of options for family playtime and fitness, designed to complement your tranquil island escape.


For fitness enthusiasts, our full-fledged overwater gymnasium provides a breathtaking setting for your workout sessions. Stay motivated and energized as you exercise with panoramic views of the sparkling ocean and the soothing sound of waves. Whether you prefer to lift weights, engage in cardio exercises, or join invigorating group classes, our state-of-the-art gymnasium offers everything you need to maintain your fitness routine during your stay.


Indulge your mind, body, and soul at our serene yoga pavilion. Nestled amidst the island’s natural beauty, this tranquil space allows you to rejuvenate and find inner peace through yoga and meditation. Practice various yoga styles, led by experienced instructors who will guide you in aligning your breath with mindful movements. As the gentle breeze caresses your skin and the sounds of nature create a soothing ambiance, your yoga practice becomes a truly transformative experience.


Immerse your little ones in a world of exploration and excitement within our delightful Kuda Koli Kids Klub and Teen Lounge, a haven of joy and safety for young adventurers. As one of the largest kid’s clubs in this idyllic destination, we ensure a treasure trove of activities that will captivate and engage your children.


With our diverse and innovative lineup of activities, your children will embark on thrilling Island Treasure Hunts, showcasing the wonders of our tropical paradise while igniting their sense of curiosity. Our action-packed water polo matches will keep them active and entertained, creating cherished memories with newfound friends.


At Bolifushi, we believe in creating precious moments for the whole family, which is why we offer special family classes like pizza making and cookie decoration. Watch as your children unleash their culinary creativity, crafting delectable treats alongside you, and savoring the joy of shared experiences.


Embark on unforgettable Indian Ocean excursions at OZEN Reserve Bolifushi, where a wild blue playground of endless delights awaits you. Drift off into the horizon with your loved one on a romantic sunset cruise, basking in the beauty of the setting sun painting the waters with golden hues. Experience the authentic Maldivian lifestyle with our Maldivian-style line fishing excursion, immersing yourself in the traditional art of catching fish in these pristine waters.


Our excursions offer a diverse range of ocean adventures to cater to your every desire. Marvel at the majestic sight of pods of spinning dolphins, gracefully leaping and dancing through the waves. Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting nearby islands, getting a glimpse into the vibrant lives of the Maldivian community.


OZEN Reserve Bolifushi offers an enchanting setting for your dream wedding, surrounded by picturesque landscapes of clear waters, white sandy beaches, and captivating blue skies. Say “I do” in the exquisite overwater Wedding Pavilion, adorned with glass walls that provide breathtaking views of the shimmering ocean below. As the traditional beat of the Boduberu drums fills the air, you’ll feel the romance and magic of the Maldives enveloping you.


With the gentle sea breeze caressing your face and the soft white sand beneath your feet, you and your loved one will exchange vows in a truly unforgettable ceremony. The tranquil ambiance and stunning backdrop of nature create an intimate and romantic atmosphere, setting the stage for a beautiful beginning to your lifelong journey together.

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