President Expresses Deep Appreciation to Turkish Leader for Ongoing Support in Strengthening Maldives’ Military Capabilities

President H.E. Dr. Mohamed Muizzu thanks Turkish President H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for his steadfast support in enhancing the Maldives National Defence Force’s capabilities, acknowledging the significant contribution to the island nation’s military strengthening.




Maafaru, Noonu Atoll, Maldives – During the inaugural ceremony of the Maldives National Defence Force’s (MNDF) Air Corps and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) held at Maafaru International Airport, President H.E. Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, Commander-in-Chief of MNDF, extended heartfelt gratitude towards the President of the Republic of Türkiye, H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, for his significant contribution towards enhancing the Maldives’ military capabilities.


Highlighting a major milestone in maritime surveillance, President Dr. Muizzu underscored the critical role played by President Erdoğan in the acquisition of three UAVs, which will serve to monitor Maldivian waters for the first time. This achievement, largely facilitated through grant aid from Türkiye, marks the beginning of a new era in national security and defence capabilities for the Maldives.


President Dr. Muizzu expressed optimism about further expanding this fleet through the ongoing strong bilateral relations between the Maldives and Türkiye. He also shed light on the administration’s broader defence strategy, which includes doubling the size of the Coast Guard fleet with vessels of various sizes and further augmenting military capabilities through collaborations with Türkiye and other friendly nations.


This partnership not only reinforces the Maldives‘ commitment to safeguarding its sovereignty and enhancing its national defence mechanisms but also exemplifies the enduring friendship and cooperation between the Maldives and Türkiye.


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