Sampath Bank and Visa Launch New Sampath Visa Purchasing Card for Business Customers

Sampath Bank PLC partners with Visa to launch the Sampath Visa Purchasing Card, a novel addition to its corporate cards. Aimed at revolutionizing integrated expense management for organizations, this card underscores a strategic alliance between the banking and global payments leader.




Male, Maldives – Sampath Bank PLC is thrilled to unveil the Sampath Visa Purchasing Card, a pioneering development in its Corporate Cards offerings, created in strategic alliance with Visa, the global payment technology leader. This card is set to transform how organizations manage and streamline their operational expenses.


Shiran Kossinna, Assistant General Manager – Card Centre at Sampath Bank, said, “The Sampath Visa Purchasing Card marks a significant step in our commitment to enhancing expense management solutions for our corporate clients. This card is designed to offer businesses improved efficiency and control over their expenses, granting them a competitive advantage.”


Avanthi Colombage, Visa’s Country Manager for Sri Lanka & Maldives, shared her enthusiasm: “This partnership with Sampath Bank introduces a significant innovation to Sri Lanka’s business sector. The Sampath Visa Purchasing Card provides organizations with superior expense management capabilities, supporting smarter financial planning.”


Classic Travel (Pvt) Ltd has the distinction of being the first corporate entity to adopt the Sampath Visa Purchasing Card, heralding the beginning of a promising partnership.


Shiham Imamudeen, CEO of Classic Travel / Expolanka Leisure Cluster, stated, “We are proud to be the initial adopter of the Sampath Visa Purchasing Card. This card will revolutionize our financial processes, offering us enhanced control and efficiency, in line with our goal of integrating cutting-edge business solutions.”


The card, available to specified employees or directors, simplifies payments to suppliers and covers a wide range of corporate expenses, from security services to online subscriptions.


The adoption of the Sampath Visa Purchasing Card presents numerous benefits for corporates, including cost reductions, streamlined procurement processes, improved cash-flow forecasting, and better supplier management. Features such as negotiation leverage, customized transaction limits, and detailed management reporting further enhance its utility, offering organizations comprehensive control over compliance and spending.


This strategic initiative between Sampath Bank and Visa introduces an advanced tool for corporate financial management, aiming to modernise and simplify expense tracking and reporting for businesses across Sri Lanka and The Maldives.


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