President Muizzu Asserts Maldives’ Jurisdiction Beyond the Concern of External Parties

President Mohamed Muizzu emphasizes Maldives’ sovereignty, stating security measures are internal matters, following the departure of Indian military personnel. His stance underscores the nation’s commitment to autonomy amidst increasing geopolitical dialogue.




Male, Maldives, March 16 – President Mohamed Muizzu of the Maldives has firmly stated that the Indian Ocean island nation, renowned for its sovereignty and independence, should not have its security measures be a matter of concern for any “external parties.” This declaration comes as the Maldives embarks on a path toward enhancing its own security capabilities.


In a significant move, President Muizzu has overseen the withdrawal of Indian military personnel and emphasized the Maldives’ capability to monitor its own jurisdiction. “The Maldives is an independent and sovereign nation, and the surveillance of our jurisdiction should not concern any external parties,” President Muizzu remarked during a ceremony launching the Maldives National Defence Force’s (MNDF) Air Corps and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).


The President highlighted the nation’s commitment to self-reliance and sovereignty, asserting that the Maldives will continue to foster relations with all countries while ensuring its autonomy.


Military Initiatives and Defence Enhancements

The ceremony also saw the announcement of new initiatives to boost the Maldives’ military capabilities. Defence Minister Ghassan Maumoon and Chief of Defence Force Lt. Gen. Abdul Raheem Abdul Latheef outlined the strategic importance of the MNDF Air Corps and the use of UAVs in modern warfare, underscoring the nation’s advancement in military technology and strategy.


Ghassan Maumoon spoke on the changing dynamics of global warfare, emphasizing the shift towards technological superiority and strategic tactics. He stated, “It is a sophisticated technology platform used in developed countries… a weapon with firepower that can take defensive manoeuvres to defend the country’s sovereignty.”


Lt. Gen. Abdul Raheem Abdul Latheef marked the launch of the MNDF Air Corps as a historic milestone for the Maldives, enhancing the nation’s military capabilities and ensuring greater security for its citizens.


This emphasis on military self-sufficiency and technological advancement highlights the Maldives’ determination to maintain its independence and sovereignty, mirroring its stature as a leading global destination renowned for its luxurious resorts, inclusive holiday packages, and commitment to providing unforgettable experiences for visitors from around the world.


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